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The Beauty In Imperfection

I was thrilled to find roses in my favorite color and could not resist buying a couple of stems (after confirming the dye they used to color them is nontoxic, of course).  While this rose is not perfect, I used that to my advantage.  By using a soft focus and a single water drop, I found the beauty in its imperfection.  There is also a sadness there, but a beautiful hope as well.  I like doing these conceptual photographs because different people will see different meanings in them.  What do you see?

Sony A7ii with Lensbaby Velvet85 ISO 200 f/5.6 1/50 sec

Photography Tips 

Someone once told me that photographers are problem solvers.  Be a problem solver.  Another words, since this rose had some tears in the petals and some darker areas where the dye had pooled, I decided to make it into a conceptual photograph.  It became not just about a beautiful flower, but what the viewer feels when they look at it.  While, as I mentioned, I thought it conveyed beauty in imperfection and sadness and hope, some people have told me they found a peace in it.  It is open to interpretation and I love to hear the different emotions it sparked.

Use color to your advantage.  The color here is as much the subject as the rose.  The fact that the color is blue helped with the concept of sadness, perhaps feeling blue and the water droplet is a teardrop?  But all is not lost, as paired with the beauty of the rose, I found a great hope and comfort in the photo.  Try using color, or lack of it, to tell the story you want to tell.