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While many of my photographs are all about color, this one is quite the opposite.  I had a lot of fun photographing this beautiful baby’s breath (gypsophila), and while I have color versions that I love, somehow, I keep coming back to this black and white version.  One of the meanings of baby’s breath is romance and I think the black and white adds to that.  Also, I went for a dreamy effect by using an aperture, lens opening, that would give me a very soft and selective focus adding to the story I wanted to tell.

Photography Tips 

Think about what you can do to further develop the story you want to tell with your image.

Certainly color versus black and white can send a message.

Also, where you place your subject can impact the photograph and message.  

Is there only one subject or do you have other items in your image that add to the story?

How much depth of field do you want, meaning how much in focus do you want your image to be?  With a narrow depth of field only a small portion of your image is in focus. With a large depth of field, much of your scene will be in focus.  You can achieve this by changing the aperture on your camera, which I will cover in detail in a future blog.  

Don’t be afraid to take several versions of your photo:  move items around, add or remove items from your photo, change your perspective by moving and taking the photo from a different viewpoint, and take your photograph at different apertures seeing how much you like in focus so you can tell the story you want to tell.