Lily and Pearls in Black and White

©2022 Tina Horne Photo

Featuring a photograph of a flower in black and white is not always the obvious choice.  But maybe that is why you should try it.  Of course, I have other versions of this flower in beautiful and vibrant color that I will post, but I converted one to black and white and loved the result.  The black and white just gives a completely different feel to the image and lets me tell a different story.  The vase and pearls in the photograph are both quite old and the black and white adds to the theme.  I also used a very selective focus when creating this photograph to further tell the story I wanted to tell.

Photography Tips

Try converting some of your images to black and white, even ones you would not normally think of.  You might be surprised at the results.

I did not have the pearls in the photograph at first.  It was just the flower in the vase, but I felt it needed something more.  I added the pearls and created the image I wanted.  Always be ready to add or remove items to help you create your vision.