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I truly love all photography, but I do have a special place in my heart for macro and closeup photography. Which is why I brought my macro lens on a trip to Hawaii. Since this was a vacation with my husband and not a photography trip, I wanted to bring only a couple of lenses. Picturing the stunning landscapes of Hawaii, I questioned bringing my macro up until the last minute but in the end, it made it into my camera bag. And I was so glad it did!  Many of my favorite photographs from that trip were taken with that lens, including the one pictured here of lichen on a tree branch.

I have learned there are different kinds of landscapes – both vast and tiny. I seek out these little landscapes, often only a couple of inches big but they seem to contain a whole world within them. I just get lost in the lines, patterns, and texture that can be seen through a macro lens.

Photography Tip

If you have a macro lens, think about bringing it somewhere you normally would not. You might be pleasantly surprised and you may create photographs that stand out from the others.