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Sometimes when I get new miniature figures, it takes me awhile to think just how I want to create and work them into a scene.  Other times, I see a figure and know just how I want to photograph it.  This was one of those times.

As soon as I saw this figure, I thought of the pinks curlers I remember everyone using when I was a child.  Luckily they still make them and I easily ordered a set.  To further my theme and idea, I added a mirror to the scene.  I just love the nostalgia and memories this brings back for me, but also many other people have felt the same.

Sony A7ii, Sony e-mount Macro 90mm f/2.8

Taken at ISO f/11 1/10sec

Photography Tips 

What objects can add to your theme?  Or what objects detract from your theme or message?  Here I have only used a mirror and a few curlers with the miniature figure.  

I moved the curlers many times to get them just where I wanted.  Don’t be afraid to move objects around.  Sometimes, even a little bit makes a huge difference.  There is an old saying in photography, a millimeter is a mile.