Pink Plumeria in Paradise

©2022 Tina Horne Photo

I could not get enough of the beautiful pink plumeria flowers, also called frangipani, on last summer’s trip to Maui, Hawaii.  Of course, Maui is an island paradise and there are many varieties of beautiful flowers.  But, something about these… 

My husband and I were on the island for about a week and decided to go to Hana for a couple of days.  Hana is known for the infamous drive to get there.  There are over 600 curves and almost 60 bridges on this drive that travels through rainforests and stunning scenery. We could not resist the challenge and loved every minute of it.  Not only did we love the drive there, but we fell in love with the unspoiled and peaceful town of Hana, one of the most isolated on the island.  We were lucky enough to stay overnight and spend a couple of days there.  In Hana, we were able to completely unwind and relax.  And that is the story I wanted to tell with this photograph.  These flowers were all over the ground, fallen from the trees above.  I picked these three up and placed them in a nearby rope hammock to create this photograph.  I still feel a sense of peace and relaxation every time I look at it. 

Photography Tips 

Use your own experience to tell a story with your photograph.  I wanted to convey a sense of being in a place of peace and relaxation with this image because that is what the town of Hana meant to me.

Do not be afraid to use props to create the scene you want.  These flowers were on the ground, but placing them on the hammock helped me create this photograph.  Look around you to see if there is anything you can add to your scene.  Or plan ahead and bring a prop with you to use, so that you can tell the story you want to tell.