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I don’t often get too personal online but here goes…I have, as probably many people do, a box of old photographs from my parents.  One of these, the one pictured here, has always been my favorite photograph of my mother.  She was about two years old when this was taken by her father, my grandfather who I never got to meet.  I have been wanting to do something with this photograph for a long time and several months ago this idea took shape of wanting to tell a further story with the photo. I added several items of meaning such as the pearls and although not real, they were given to me by my mother.  Also, she bought me the dish that is pictured here.  And the grapes, well, she is holding a bunch in her hand that were from her father’s garden in which he grew everything.  One final item I added to the image, was to make a homemade filter to put over the lens to give more of a vintage look, add more emotion, and maybe to symbolize looking back and reminiscing, or even looking through an old window at the scene.

My mother is now 84 years old and when I showed her this she told me when her father was alive, he carried this photo in his wallet with him always and that is where she got it from.  As any photographer knows, we are always putting something of ourselves in every image we create, but some more than others as in this very meaningful work to me.  I am excited to work on a new project, this time with one of my favorite photographs of my father who was very inspirational to me becoming a photographer.

Photography Tips

For the homemade filter, I used a piece of plastic wrap over the lens that I then tore a hole through.  This is something you can have fun experimenting with. 

I truly believe photographers do reveal themselves in every photo they take.  Don’t be afraid to get more personal as I have done here.  It can be quite meaningful and rewarding.